Sebastian zoekt een Kamer in Wageningen

Sebastian zoekt: Een Kamer in Wageningen

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I am a second year master´s student and study Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development Diplomacy here in Wageningen. I will write my thesis about Earth System Governance roughly between August – February / March. Therefore, I would like to stay at least until March and, depending on where I will do my internship, maybe even longer. For my bachelor´s, I studied philosophy and economics and specialized in environmental ethics, in which I also wrote my thesis about.

I have lived either in student flats or on my own for the past 8 years. Consequently, I like my room and the kitchen neat and clean and I would say that I have above-average standards of cleanliness and tidiness (compared to the average bachelor or master student).

My interests outside university evolve around reading books on philosophy, politics or environmental stuff and a weekly newspaper, for which I have a subscription (its unfortunately in German, though). I am interested in politics, both on the national, EU, and international level and consider myself to be left-wing. In line with that, I identify as European or human in general and don´t really see myself as German. I practice meditation and am interested in eastern schools of thought. In terms of exercise, I am getting back into weight training, apart from which I go jogging and like to ride my race bike.

For myself, I buy and eat only plant-based food, but when I´m having dinner together with friends or flatmates, I eat cheese as well, in order to make it not too complicated for the other people. So you could say I´m located somewhere along the vegetarian-vegan continuum. If you guys eat meat, that´s perfectly fine with me. I don’t judge anyone and believe that everyone is entitled to make his or her own decisions.

I would love to cook sometimes or drink ¬some wine on a weekend´s night together, but I am not a party-type of person who comes home at 5 in the morning.
Being 27, I feel like I passed that stage of my life. Usually, I try to be in bed between 22-00 and get up between 6-8. Generally, you could say that I try to live a healthy and adult life-style.

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